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I hate when people say things like “OMG OBAMA NEEDS TO BE PRESIDENT FOREVER!” “OBAMA’S THE COOLEST PRESIDENT EVER!” because they see him do “cool” stuff like dancing on the Ellen show or the  ”official birth video.” Especially when I see it posted on Tumblr by people in other countries. No offense, but you don’t know anything if you’re only basing your opinion about Obama on the gif posts you see on Tumblr.

Just because he seems like a guy you’d want to hang out with doesn’t mean he’s done a good job for the past four years. Because he hasn’t. The only effective thing he’s done is repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. My best friend is a hardcore Democrat and loved Obama. Biggest Obama supporter ever and even he’s disgusted with everything Obama has failed to do.

He’s done nothing he promised to do.

And what he’s done is ineffective.

And he knows it.

Hilary would have been so much better.

She would have been effective.

I’m a conservative. I’m not a Hilary fan.

I wish we’d had Hilary.

Yeah, Obama’s cool, but he’s done a shit job.

Being cool isn’t a reason to reelect a president.

  1. plekaface said: Agreed. On every level. Except for Hilary.
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