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Are you not afraid that Mitt Romney is way too out of touch with the “average, blue collar” American. There’s nothing wrong with being born in an affluent position, but he doesn’t seem particularly enlightened when it comes to the daily financial struggles of the average American. Also, do you not find it disconcerting that he seems to flip-flop on issues. Obamacare was based off of Romneycare. Is he really as fiscally conservative as he is purporting to be? And he flip-flops on important social issues as well. Such as the contraception debate, which I can’t even believe is the hot—button issue. I’m not trying to antagonize you, in fact, I’ve also been disappointed by Obama, but none of the Republican candidates seem any better.

I did say “He’s not my favourite candidate for the GOP ticket, but he does seem the most likely guy right now.”

Romney’s not my favourite candidate and I’d much prefer to have Ron Paul get the nomination. All the things you’re talking about are true and definitely need to be considered by Republicans before they choose the candidate, but, honestly, I still think Romney will get the vote. Though, I did think that last time and McCain ended up getting it, so I suppose we’ll see.

All that being said, I think he’d be more effective in some way than Obama has been in any way. Right now, I’d prefer progress in some direction rather than the circle Obama keeps walking because he isn’t doing anything.

Does that make sense? I don’t like him a whole lot, but I like him more than Obama.

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